Duncan Spinone
A Tribute


As many of you now know we had to make the ultimate decision for Duncan following an extremely aggressive form of lymphatic cancer. Duncan left us for the rainbow bridge on Friday, 9th January 2015.

The following is not about the sadness and shock and the speed in which this happened but more about why ‘The Dunc’ was special

From birth Duncan had a real fight for survival and once through that period we discovered an issue with his front leg. Now for a short while he was fine but as he grew from the new born puppy stage to being a bigger puppy we knew the problem was going to be serious – so much so that in fact at one stage we thought we would have to have him put to sleep

Enter stage left a vet who was interested in orthopaedic surgery and after a couple of visits and listening to him and his honesty we took the decision to have his leg operated on – Duncan was always a fighter..........

The core story of course is in “Duncan’s story” and I am not going to rewrite it here, instead I am writing my own tribute to my mate who worked and played with me all the time when I was working around our house

All our other dogs (Spins and Barbets) for the most part get on well and we have a routine for them. From time to time as with all of us with many dogs there are moments when not everyone gets on!! However, for some unknown reason Duncan never bothered and was never bothered, he was never caught up in doggy issues and pack leadership, Duncan just got on with it........

As time went by he got stronger and grew up to be a really lovely pet, lunatic and generally happy in his own world?

We took a few of the Spins to the beach one day inclusive of ‘The Dunc’ and all was well – for a while!! Until he saw another couple walking their young Labrador and Duncan decided that their walk was more interesting than ours!! And the aforementioned couple’s dog was several times smaller than him. So off he went!!

And off he went he did – he was almost along to the town that you can walk to when suddenly Duncan realised that this young Labrador wasn’t a Spin!!!! SHOCK, he duly did an about turn and came charging down the beach straight back to us (about a mile and half)!!!!

When we were out and about Duncan investigated nearly all potential food sources, he had a favourite Cornish Pasty Shop where the owner ‘fell in love with him’ so free pasties were always forthcoming – oh god he could really put it on when he wanted to

‘The Dunc’ was always popular wherever we took him – and sometimes we went back to apologise!!

At home he always came out with me around our fields and woodland. Duncan was both great fun and at times he could be a pain in the derrière!!

He would happily retrieve anything!! I nearly had a toiletry moment once when Claude Barbet was a puppy and he ran away from me and for a joke I sent Duncan to retrieve him. Enter stage right toiletry moment – Duncan ran off towards Claude to get him back!!
It was only due to my panic stricken voice that Duncan stopped and came back to me – Barbetless!! I remember this moment well due to my sudden belief in religious moments!!

During the summer I would go into our wood to chain saw windfall trees for seasoning and for winter burning (as you do)

The chain saw never bothered Duncan and in fact he would have his head at the end of the log where he would wait for it to drop? Then he would pick it up and duly run off with it.
Over the next two or three days I would be out and about and find those logs left all over the place, they were everywhere and today I’m still finding them

I have an area where I cut up the bigger logs and the same applied there as well as Duncan would sneak up and take logs and ‘dump’ them – all over the place!!

He would retrieve a ball – BUT once he got his mind altered by something else going on he would retrieve the ball and clear off to something more interesting – what a cheek, what could possibly be more interesting than me throwing the ball and him retrieving it?

Only he knew the answer to that

In the house Duncan was always the first to meet and greet, whether you wanted him to or not!!

He was such a loving friend and good fun, equally he was also very obedient and aimed to please.

He loved his food!! We have a food delivery once a month for the gang which for them is an extremely exciting time, on one of the deliveries Duncan decide he would take full advantage and hop into the back of the refrigerated van to investigate what other goodies were in there (clever). Unfortunately, we didn’t see him and the van was just pulling off our yard on its way back to Bristol when I realised we were missing Dunc!!! All ended well, he was rescued with no ill effects.

I always got the impression that he lived life to the full regardless and wasn’t going to be denied no matter what.

Right to the last he was out with me helping to re-arrange the logs!!

I could go on and write more anecdotes about him but then that would dilute this tribute to him.

Both Karen and myself were truly devastated by his sudden loss, it came very quickly indeed and we never had the chance to prepare for the worst.

We will of course remember Duncan every day for all the fun and laughter he brought to us and all the friendship and love he freely gave.

Duncan was unique. He was a genuine character.

And finally, both Karen and I know that whilst he was with us he had a fantastic life. Truly a great life with us all up on the hill...........there are no regrets, just wonderful memories

Run free over the rainbow bridge Duncan..................






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