The Bankers Puppy Diary

An Introduction

As many of you know we recently took delivery of eight fine Spinone Puppies. This was a planned litter in agreement with the following cast of “characters” -

Directed By

The Dearest One

Production Unit

Kallie the Mother
Siro the Father

Standby Unit
The Vet

Breeding Pen Supplied By
Some Company off the Internet

Newspaper Suppliers
Everyone and everything within a 50 mile radius

Puppy Food Source
The owner of the puppy food company now driving around in a Range Rover we paid for

Directors Assistants
Sheila and Colin Grimble (or was it Grumble)

Nuisance Factor
The Banker (Yes, I was home)

Sleep Generated By

List of Helpers On The End Of The Phone
A person just north of the Home Counties
Another Person on the South coast
Somebody else I don’t know
A nice person in South Wales
A person who was very nice and important
The Banker (I left home)
The Banker (I had to come back to write this diary)

Chief Poo Remover And Get Rid Ofera
The Banker

The Dearest One

Website Updates
That nice Lady; Helen from Mavaya


We Would Like To Say A Special Thanks To:

Kallie (A great Mum)
The Spins and Co who were great
The local Chip Shop
The Land Rover Defender
The Grimbles who were there when we most needed them
The nice lady in South Wales who supplied the puppy food (at a reasonable recompense)
To all the new owners (your lives will never be the same again) I tried to tell you!!!!


When the pups were born one of the key criteria for the Dearest One was to review constantly the progress of them growing onwards and upwards in order she could carefully evaluate them and then choose one to add to the collection and in particular try and find a suitable show dog.

Of course being the Dearest One this was no easy task as she started with 3!!!! Then 2 and finally as good bye to the pups day came she finally made her choice. Thank God – it was driving me up the wall, across the ceiling, down the opposite wall and across to the door that leads outside so I could escape the dithering and oohs and ah’s of choosing said mini Spin.
Bloody hell how hard can it be?? They all looked the same to me apart from the dangly bits of the boys.

Then I got the usual “look at its nose ears, legs tail and muscles” blah, blah, blah and no matter how much interest I showed I still came to the same conclusion? They all look the same……..

Anyway, now you know the characters!! The intention for this element of our website is to put out a weekly bulletin on the “Chosen One”


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