Bonjours peeps

This is getting tedious now
I am having to revise our Introduction Page again because we are all grown up!! I was already grown up and fabulous, shortly after I was born as I couldn’t be bothered to go through that puppy stage. Yes ok then so I wrote all about it in my school days, but that was just to please all my fans over the world. Anyway, enough about me!!

Did I tell you all I am now a confirmed Champion of France ……Well I am – so there!!

Anyway, Anouk my apprentice, I have to say is doing me proud and continuing with maximum Italian annoyance, she is doing well in the show ring and of course allowing our owner to look after us. Except the grooming thing, we are meant to look like this and we do not see the point of all the strimming, or whatever you do to us – how can the best looking be made to look even better? I was always fabulous…….and you think you can make me look even more fabulous? Non………….

By the way peeps, and this might be a ‘Sacre bleu’ moment for you so be prepared, but I am now a Daddy, Oui…..a Daddy…..and as you can imagine they are almost nearly, but not quite as gorgeous or as fabulous as me – its close (but not close enough)

A few of my children have followed in my footsteps and entered the show ring and have done really well, I am very proud of them all….but will they be as great as me…..Non, I doubt it.

Am I still writing about me? Oh!

Then in that case I will move on to telling you about our French Barbet pages, firstly it’s better than the Italians webpage!! Mainly because I’m in all of it!!

But my advice is for you to go through all of it and read all about me and Anouk, because then you will understand us better (Editors note: you have no chance)

We are rare and I am unique. We need proper training, we need to be busy and have things to do or play with and of course a pond, lake or the seaside would be even better. We are after all water dogs, but without snorkels and flippers!!

But on the plus side we are very loyal and good fun, we don’t shed our hair (it’s too precious to
let it go) and you only get this by being French!!!

Right then, so in summary for you: I’m wonderful and a French Champion (did I tell you about that)? Anouk is my apprentice and almost as fabulous, we are good fun and you need to read all about us

So what are you waiting for? Well? Go on then………….read about us!!

Vive le France!!




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