All Unica & JJ's puppies have now gone off to their forever homes - last pictures now on the Spinone Pups Link


We have designed this site to be fun yet informative, we hope it gives you a laugh and maybe an insight into not just our dogs lives but also a little more about us and our lives as well. There’s plenty to see and read in The Banker’s Notes (especially useful to lift your spirits and give you a smile or two – you might also learn what it’s like to live with Italian and French dogs)!! There’s Freya’s Diary and Duncan’s Story, there’s the Gallery to make you smile even more and then you can look through our Show News section and then move on to have a look at the Dog Grooming Parlour that Karen runs from home.

We hope you enjoy the Awelymor Spinoni website, now with the added bonus of the French Barbet link!! Same input from me but with some extra European flavouring. From the Country that brought you the Citroen 2 CV, Brigette Bardot, Wine, Snails and Frogs Legs, we now have a new addition!!!

Awelymor is not a commercial kennel, we’ve just grown to enjoy the shows, the people involved and the fun we have with all the dogs. Today we have 7 Spins, 2 French Barbets and no Partridge in a Pear Tree. Yet!! We started out in 2005 with just the one Spin. At the time we were told that we would not stop at owning one and that we would progress with another and another. On hearing this we laughed and said one would be enough. Oh brother how wrong we were!!! At the time of course it never occurred to either of us how much that one little cute puppy would change our lives.

As we progressed onwards and upwards we entered the show ring in 2009 and have had success at the Major Championship shows along with two wins at Crufts 2012 including Best Puppy (Freya) and equally as important our local event shows as well.

So there you have it in summary, we hope you enjoy looking round our website and being introduced to the Canine Crew. If you wish to contact us, please feel free to do so – or even better, visit a show and see us there where you can meet some of the Awelymor Gang.





Awelymor is part of the KC Assured Breeder Scheme




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